Experienced butcher says that he and his colleagues do not throw away the animal corpses that were infected by cancer, but they sell it to the customers instead!

It is quite shocking to say the least, that the parts of the animals that we choose to eat are filled with tumors, and according to one butcher, they do not even bother to throw away the contaminated meat, but instead, they just cut the tumor off and they sell the meat.

The reasons why they do this is to save money, and because of the fact that the customers do not see the whole animal corpse.

That is why this confession is so scary because according to this butcher, he and his colleagues just cut the contaminated meat and then put them on sale just like the healthy meat. This dangerous meat can later find its way to your refrigerator.

The only way we can be 100 percent sure of the quality of the meat that we are eating is that we eat meat from animals that we raise ourselves, but this is a very difficult thing to do, especially if you live in the city.  Animal protein is the most expensive part of the meal that we eat, but there are many doctors that suggest that we can get more than the adequate amounts of this protein from plants. Because of that, we can consider ourselves to be lucky because by eating plants and ingesting the protein with their help, we can be sure that we are not eating carcinogenic meat.

Buying animal meat directly from a butcher is not always the best choice, and it does not mean that you are buying quality products. It is obvious that the butchers will not throw away the whole corpse of the animal just because the animal was sick because that means that they will lose money. So instead they will sell the meat to you, disregarding the fact that they are directly putting your health in danger.

There are also no laws that oblige butchers to tell their customers if the animal was sick or not, which means that it is left entirely on their conscious whether to tell you or not.

Also, recently there was a study which was conducted in the United States, and it showed that hot dogs contain some traces of horses, and this study also showed that veggie hot dogs contained animal DNA. So, if you think that factory farmed animals are not good for your overall health, then imagine the processed products like hot dogs and sausages. They are filled with things that the meat industry wants to throw inside because salt, herbs and artificial aromas will take away the unpleasant taste and the bad smell.

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