DERMATOLOGISTS explain why isn’t good to take BABIES on vacation

Baby skin is still immature and irresistible to external influences, and must not be exposed to strong sunlight. Newborns and children up to three years should not be exposed to strong sunlight – say pediatricians and dermatologists. But there are differences in the views of experts about using the protective creams. Some argue that babies up to 6 months or up to a year should not be treated with protective creams, because of a possible skin sensitivity of potential allergens in the skin cream, combined with sunlight could cause allergic changes.

Baby skin is still immature and irresistible to external influences, and must not be exposed to strong sunlight. Babies should be protected with hats, light clothing with long sleeves and legs and that’s all it takes. However, with the development of cosmetology, the market producers offer creams who claim that’s completely safe even for infants! It’s best to buy creams from well known manufacturers even if they are more expensive, they certainly offer more secure protection. Before using the cream, you should be sure that your child is not allergic on some of the products in that cream. Put a thin layer on a small area and wait 24 hours. If no changes occur to the skin (hives, redness, itching), the cream is safe to use. You should apply the cream 20 minutes before taking the child on the sunlight. 

How to protect your baby from the sun:

Do not expose to the sun from 10:00 to 15:00 o’clock. This is the period when the sun’s rays are strongest, and causing the greatest damage to the delicate baby skin.

Dress babies in thin cotton shirts and put their cap or hat.

Even when children are not in direct sunlight you should spread a protective cream on their skin. In the baby’s skin epidermis, namely, there are fewer pigment cells (melanocytes) and the protection is not effective as in adults. The protective immune cells also still do not work and are sensitive to UV and harmful rays can easily penetrate the skin. If young parents decide to take their baby on holidays, pediatricians advise the parents: babies should walk along the coast in the early morning hours, and not to expose in the period when the sun’s rays are strongest.

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