You need to stop drinking this popular drink IMMEDIATELY!

Soy milk is a dairy product, and it is often times consumed as an alternative to ordinary milk. It is very popular, especially in China, Japan and other parts of Asia, where it has long been a traditional beverage.

Some people consume soy milk because they are lactose intolerant, or because of the properties of the soy milk, which is its low-calorie content. Still, the health benefits that the soy milk offers our body are questionable, to say the least. According to many scientific studies, it has been concluded that soy milk is actually very harmful to our overall health.

Harmful effects of soy milk:

  1. It is full of pesticides, and as much as 99 percent of it is GMO.
  2. Numerous scientific studies have shown that excessive soy consummation will make the body need more D and B12 vitamins.
  3. Soy contains a compound which is similar to vitamin B12, and because the human body cannot process it, it causes a deficiency of B12 vitamin.
  4. Soybeans also contain a substance which can result in clots, also known as hemagglutinin, which can often time lead to a clumped red blood cells.
  5. Soymilk contains daidzein and genistein, which are toxic isoflavonoids, which can lead to the appearance of breast cancer.
  6. Soy products are packed with phytic acid, which has the ability to interrupt the process of digestion, and it will make your body demand more copper, calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium.
  7. Soybeans and soy products contain phytoestrogens, which will obstruct the function of our endocrine system, and it is often times linked to male infertility and breast cancer.
  8. Soy foods are high in aluminum, which can lead to the appearance of Alzheimer’s disease, and it can also affect our nervous system and kidneys.
  9. Soybeans and products that contain soy, contain anti-nutrients, which are natural toxins, and if we consume a couple of glasses of soymilk during the day, for a longer period of time, it can greatly impact the menstrual cycle in women.

There are also a number of studies which have confirmed that the food-grade carrageenan, that is found in soy milk, can lead to a number of health problems including ulceration, colon cancer, gastrointestinal inflammation, and lesions.

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