This Old Japanese Man Shares His Secret to Living a Long Healthy Life

A doctor named Shigeaki Hinohara from Japan is 104 years old now.

He is an author of 150 books in which he describes how a long and healthy life looks like.

Stay fit 

Dr. Hinohara takes a tablespoon of olive oil, orange juice, and coffee for breakfast. Then, he eats cookies and milk for lunch. For dinner, he eats rice, fish, and vegetables. Also, this doctor eats 100 grams of lean meat twice a week.

You shouldn’t always listen to your doctor 

You should always ask for a second opinion. Also, try to look for natural solutions first.

Science is not the only cure 

Every person is unique. Interestingly enough, Dr. Hinohara believes that visual arts improve your critical thinking skills. Engagement with creative activities reduces stress and depression. This activity has healing properties.

Be organized 

Plan ahead your next events and tasks. Make sure you prioritize your appointments. Don’t overload yourself with work. Time management is the key to achieving success.

Relax yourself 

Fun activities like listening to music, dancing, or playing with your pets can relax you, improve your mood and make you feel better.

Positive thoughts boost your energy 

Think positively to improve your outlook on the future. Positive thoughts improve your mood and nervous system. Dr. Hinohara advises you to enjoy every second of your life.


Finding an inspiration in life is very important. Find role models that will lead you and uplift you.


Volunteering boosts your self-confidence. This activity enables you to contribute to the society which makes you feel important.

Always take the stairs

Dr. Hinohara climbs two steps at a time.

Stop worrying too much 

You need to slow down. Life is full of unpredictable events so it is alright if you are not feeling able to handle certain difficult situations. Worrying about that too much won’t help you. Negative thoughts just add to your anxiety which can lead to anxiety disorders.

Share your knowledge 

Dr. Hinohara is a famous lecturer. His motivational speeches are focused on peace and war.

Don’t be materialistic 

We need to understand that materialistic things mean nothing. Possessions don’t buy us happiness.

You don’t have to retire 

Retirement doesn’t have to be an option if you still feel the need to work. If you feel able to continue working, you don’t have to retire early.

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