These Signs Show That You Have a Psychological Manipulator In Your Life

Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence.

Psychological manipulators change the behavior or perception of others by using abusive, deceptive, and devious tactics. This type of social influence is not healthy as one person is used for the benefit of the other. A person who is psychologically manipulated is forced to regard himself as unworthy. Psychological manipulators use tricks to manipulate you and you are not even aware of that. Behind their kind words, they are waiting for the right moment to trap you. The worst thing is that they make you doubt your qualities and hurt your feelings mercilessly.

Psychological manipulators are highly intelligent people who can hide their evil tactics, but try to gain power and control over you.

Psychological manipulation can be hard to detect, but the following signs can help you to recognize it.

Experts in every field 

Psychological manipulators can lead others to believe a lie by using misdirection. They view themselves as experts in everything so they try to convince other people in their ”expert knowledge.” These people always have to be the center of attention whenever they go. If you ever notice this kind of behavior, let them talk to themselves.

They put you a lot of pressure 

Psychological manipulators know you well and they try to pressure you into deciding what’s the right decision. Also, they set you impossible deadlines, because they love seeing you in stressful situations. If you notice that someone is pressuring on purpose, you should say ”not now.” Remember that a person who loves and respects you would never force you to do something that you don’t want to do.

They make you feel guilty 

Psychological manipulators are totally different from empaths. These evil people always find a way to pass on the guilt to other people. Their passive-aggressive comments are their strongest weapon. Moreover, their harsh language hurts your feelings. For example, psychological manipulators can put the blame on you for not paying attention to your children, even though you are doing your best. They will always take advantage of your kindness to get their needs in the most selfish way.

Angry outbursts 

They can act very aggressively. Psychological manipulators tend to offend you, slam doors, and throw things when they don’t get the things they want. The worst thing is that their behavior causes a negative effect on your mental health. Everyone needs a person that will help them be the best version of themselves. You don’t need someone who destroys your self-esteem and exploits your values.

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