What happens to your skin when you shower every day?

The truth is that it’s not polite to stink in public transport, especially in the hot summer days. However, health experts warn that the exaggeration with personal hygiene may be dangerous.

Most of us living in the 21st century take a shower every day and thinking that if we skip one, we did something really unhealthy and bad.

“Fragrances” that spread as a result of this personal hygiene definitely not pleasant, but these people are (although we call them smelly) actually right! Daily shower is not good for the health of our skin, and dermatologists say you shouldn’t shower more than two-three times a week.

Before the modern bathrooms, people were swimming just before the weekly church attendance or on major holidays. However, the facts show that most of us who do not do physical work are not dirty, except when it comes to face and hands.


People who have problems with eczema know very well that skipping a shower can help them to get rid of unwanted itching and other symptoms of this skin disease. Also, people who don’t have any skin problems noticed that their skin becomes less smooth and radiant, becomes dry and flaky.

Given the fact that our body has its own natural protection against drying, bathing too often encourages excessive secretion of fat, which is not healthy. Many people have found that when they stop that daily washing the body and hair, after a certain period of adjustment, their skin reduces the secretion of oil, as well as frequent showering stops being necessary.


Of course, the amount of showering must depend on the daily activities of specific people and their habits. If you aren’t a smoker, you are physically active and eat healthy food; the body automatically has fewer odors. Also, the need of a shower depends on the seasons. During the winter months, experts recommend showering 2-3 times a week.

However, in the summer you can shower daily with slightly colder water without soaps or other cosmetics. Showering should be as short as possible, so the dirt and the sweat is removed. You should act similarly with your hair; avoid too much shampoo.


However, there is a part of the body that should be washed several times a day, such as the hands. Also, it is important to pay attention to the intimate parts of the body and wash the feet.

As long as people wash their hands often enough and pay enough attention to the area below the belt, showering or bathing every second-third day can’t be detrimental – once advised John Oxford.

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